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Wheelchair Golf

Too many times I have been at places where kids are golfing and we find a person in a wheelchair wishing they could play.

There is a way with a few simple adaptations to at least simulate hitting a ball with a club to a target – which is the game of golf anyway.

Depending on whether the golfer is right or left handed we would first find a suitable putter to cut off and regrip at the height which the golfer can hang their arm comfortably extended to the side and the putter touch the ground.

The concept of a wheel chair stroke is to swing the arm in a back and forward motion to the side of the chair.

Anyone can golf

The positioning of the ball is important and it is vastly important to be consisent once the ball placement is found which allows the golfer to meet the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.

Some golfers can take the putter and pull the next ball to the teeing area themselves, while others may need assistance.

Targets and holes can be created in a variety of ways at a variety of distances or challenges. The challenge for the golfer at this point is to address the ball correctly, or squarely to the target, and swing the club on a pendulum stroke at the correct speed for the distance.

Students in classes with The Village Pro Golf Services have used hoola hoops primarily as their targets and tennis balls or the larger bounce balls for $1 are good. Golf balls are a little small and since this is done at places other than golf courses normally the grass will not allow a ball to roll.

We are talking back yard or playground golf here baby. Taking golf to the streets. Just like in the video re: Special Kids Golf featured earlier in this blog. Just scroll down the page to see the video.

Special Kids Golf is just one service of The Village Pro Golf Services. Based out of Tampa, Florida we offer a wide range of golf-related services normally found exclusively at the country club. Visit for more information.

Thanks for viewing The Village Pro Golf Blog. Your worldwide internet golf professional.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA

take a kid to play

Take a kid to play golf today

Services available today in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota and even in Korea if you fly me there.


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“I Want More Distance on My Drives”

What do you think most people say when I ask what their goals are in taking a lesson?

“I want more distance on my drives” is an obvious response, among others.

There are many factors you do not need to think of when taking a swing – but are going through the mind of a trained PGA Professional golf instructor.

Longer drives…. OK.

  • Angles of approach on down swing… inside/out…outside/in…how steep?
  • Effectiveness of grip to create leverage during swing?
  • Position of body at address – does it allow a nice turn?

There are many factors contributing to a great golf shot.

Meeting the ball squarely at impact is of major importance – otherwise a glancing blow on the clubface is a cause of significant loss in distance.

However, there is another factor maybe overlooked too often by golfers and one of the first things I will look at as an instructor – what are they swinging?

A simple exercise will provide an excellent analogy to the point of just how important this question is.

Needed: Two small plastic whiffle golf balls and a piece of string 2′ long.

Demonstration Prep: Cut one of the balls in half. Tie one piece of the half to one end of the string and to the other end tie the whole ball.

Demonstration: Start by holding the half ball piece in your hand and swinging the whole ball in a circle. Swing it fast. Slow down. Swing  fast. This is centrifugal force in action.

Next hold the whole ball in your hand and do the same thing with the half. Swing it around. Faster. Slower. Swing it!

Notice the harder you try – the more difficult it is to get power and rhythm – or create that centrifugal force.

The point is – if you can feel the end of what was on the other end of the string (i.e. the head of a golf club) your brain tells your body you do not need to work as hard to move it and your center (hand) does not move near as much.

Your body and the way you swing are a result of that instinctive movement the moment you pick up the golf club. Can you feel the head of the club?

Check the shaft of your club. If it is a ‘stiff’ or ‘firm’ shaft you had better own a pretty powerful swing. Without being able to create enough power to ‘load’ the shaft- there will be no benefit from the club you have in your hands.

Still playing with that set you used when you were 20 years younger? Purchase a club off the shelf without being fit for it maybe because you liked the look? These are common culprits.

So before you spend money on range balls or golf lessons take a look at what you have in your bag. And for goodness sakes don’t cut off a set of adult clubs for a junior golfer under 13. The same analogy applies.

The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. provides quality golf services to golfers in the Tampa Bay area including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota.

Services include HOME Golf Lessons. Never heard of that, right?

This is the deal.

The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. representative comes to your home during scheduled hours. Group lessons are encouraged.

An introductory interview about your experience and goals will last about 15 minutes – then we will set up an area where you can take your address position and digitally photograph you from front and behind.

Taking these photos to the computer immediately we will analyze important angles and positions you instinctively establish at the beginning of your golf swing – which may or may not allow the most efficient power in the golf swing.

Those include: Spine angle, hips angle, arms angle, arms/club angle, shoulder angle, spine tilt angle … among other keen points for us golf teaching gurus.

Comparing our finds to photos, teaching aids, kinesthetic movements – we will identify specific things you can apply on your next trip to the driving range with a detailed and simple plan to follow provided by The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc..

Need help with your corporate golf event?

Want to bring golf instruction to your corporate benefits?

Need a great golf gift?

Need to buy that teaching aid to continue improving your game at home?

Visit today and meet The Village Pro.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA

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The Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida

“Golf is usually played with the outward appearance of great dignity. It is, nevertheless, a game of considerable passion – either of the explosive type, or that which burns inwardly and sears the soul.” – Bobby Jones

There are those who play the game of golf. Then there are those who love the game. A trip to the Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida on my 40th birthday confirmed the latter.

Anyone who has not been to the attraction doesn’t know the tingling feeling that comes with reading the above quote and knowing, personally, that passion for the game that has given so much to so many lives.

A trip to the museum in St. Augustine is well worth the trip. Visitors not only learn about the triumphs and struggles of great golfers we have come to know, but get a real feeling of the rich history and tradition of golf while viewing artifacts, memorabilia and equipment from more than 200 years ago.

Learn about Nancy Lopez and her Barbie dolls. Or see the red, white and blue driver used by Bing Crosby. Even the lunch box that Sam Snead carried to grade school can be pondered.

Of course, there are many more exhibits that cannot be described in this space. Just like my first time to Augusta, though. As I walked around in total awe, I wondered to myself…”What took me so long to get here?”.

Tony Simpson, PGA is The Village Pro Golf Services located in Tampa, Florida offering unique and private golf instruction, tournament services and FREE golf advice. Check him out at today for more information and to set up a free consultation in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Sarasota.

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U.S. Open Golf is fantastic. Pebble Beach is nice in digital.

Hello golf fans,

I have been watching U.S. Open Golf coverage all day in digital on the second monitor connected to my laptop. It has marvelous eye candy to say the least. It’s easy and there is nothing to download. Just go to and click on the Watch Live link. Highly recommended and thanks to the USGA.

Have you bookmarked yet?

Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. is now located in Tampa, Florida and serves the general public in several ways in specialized golf-related services. Services also extended to St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Sarasota.

A summary of those services includes:

At Home Golf Lessons – golf instruction provided in your home or backyard. Great for kids.

Corporate Golf Lessons – Village Pro Golf Services will provide a golf clinic for your employees on site at your business and provide the equipment if necessary.

Corporate Golf Tournament Services – Do you have a golf tournament every year? Want to make the most of the one you have?

Visit for more information.

Looking for a gift? Gift certificates available customized for that special event.

To Good Golf,

Tony Simpson, PGA

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FREE Golf Tips from The Village Pro Golf Services

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If you would like to receive a message when The Village Pro Golf Blog has a new post – enter your email here.

It’s very easy and nothing downloads on your computer. You will receive an email confirming your subscription and you will receive a message when the knowlege of the sage emerges again.

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Visit and see what we have to offer.

The Village Pro Golf Services recently relocated to Tampa, Florida and is available for your golf-specific needs. We travel the entire Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and even to Sarasota.

Don’t have a club pro you can call? The Village Pro Golf Services is your Internet Golf Professional worldwide.

Golf Around the World is the one source I depend on for the best selection in golf teaching aids. See more at

Have a golf-related question? The Village Pro Golf Services offers FREE tips and advice to assist those seeking to enhance their experience in golf.

Good Golf Tip for the Day:

“When playing golf in this kind of Florida heat you must stay hydrated. I have been dizzy on the course before and was sick before I knew it with little warning. It was a hard way to learn that lesson. Drinking water along the way will help keep you hydrated and fresh. Not to mention for your personal health and safety.”   – Coach Tony

Who is The Village Pro? Visit today.

 To Good Golf,

Coach Tony

Tony Simpson

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More Power and Distance on Your Golf Drives

God must have put these lines on my hands to help me remember what a great golf grip feels like. If you want to see whether someone can play – look at the way they hold the club.

If you are looking to add more distance to your drives and feel more confident swinging any club – todays tip on your grip will make a difference in your game.

Where you place the club initially and how you take your grip from the beginning affects how you will swing. REPEAT: How you begin will determine how effective today’s tip works for you.

Relax your hands when starting and think of the difference in ‘grip’ and ‘grab’. We are going to ‘place’ the club in places in your hands which will provide support and leverage at different points in your swing.

But first you must ‘build’ the proper grip. Like a foundation for a solid structure – you can use the lines on your hands to also have a great golf grip.

First contact with hand

 Every person I have ever given a lesson to has this line on their hand. If you have a glove and would like to draw a line as a reminder it accomplishes the same as some teaching gloves I have seen – or better yet – the Bionic Glove has grooves in the fingers and a pad on the hand which really help me to feel great control.

Place the club just below this line and close the last three fingers of the left hand around the club.

Now if I extend my left arm – hinge my hand – and feel the weight of the clubhead I know it is not going anywhere.

The next lines we look for are in the fingers of the right hand. Across the two middle fingers are lines. As in the photo below I want to place the club on the large pads of my fingers and close the two middle fingers around the club.

Second contact in fingers

And after closing my fingers on the club they may appear as if they are a ‘hook’ with little of the actual palm on the club at this point.

Step Three

Next is simply making contact with the third line on our hands by placing the lifeline of the right hand on the thumb. No need to wrap my hand or turn it under. It simply fits.

Final Result

When I have my hands on the club properly for me I like to tilt my spine to the right to accommodate the fact my hands are turned to the right a little and to get my right elbow lower than the left.

The result is being able to swing as hard as I want to on my drives and most of the time finding them in the fairway.

Visit for more helpful information on making the most of your golf journey.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA

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Do You Want More Golf Knowledge?

Reading about golf can help you become a better golfer. If you read about the heroics of a great player or someone who overcame tremendous challenges to triumph – you become inspired.

If you read a golf instruction book and learn one thing that helps your game it was worth the time or expense.

Give a golf book to an avid golfer and it is guaranteed to be one of their treasures forever.

Reading keeps the mind fresh and sharp.

Where do you shop for your golf books?

Amazon has one of the largest and most comprehensive golf libraries in the world. Ever been in one of their stores? There are usually at least as many golf books as any other sport. Why? There are so many great stories to tell.

Go to my website at for easy access to Amazon and tell them The Village Pro sent you.

Also see the link to the golf instructional teaching aids used by hundreds of teaching PGA professionals in the world.

You can improve your golf without hitting one ball. Keep feeding your mind. What your mind understands your body will do.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA Professional

Tampa Bay, Florida

Home of the first AT-HOME Golf Instruction Program

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