Mary Ann DeSantis at Wildwood Elementary Golf Program

This is long overdue. Since the article was published in the Ocala Style Magazine by Mary Ann DeSantis covering one of the Village Pro Golf Services grant programs the only link we were aware of went to that magazine’s website.

We now have the link directly to the journalist’s website and she is wonderful to work with.

Please click on the link below to take you directly to her website to view the article.

The article in Ocala Style Magazine covered a grant implemented by the Tri-County Junior Golf Foundation to conduct golf in the PE classes at Wildwood Elementary School in Wildwood, Florida.

The Village Pro Golf Services (aka Tony Simpson, PGA) went to Wildwood Elementary, Webster Elementary, Wildwood Middle and The Villages Charter Middle School to conduct the program.

Setting up most mornings when the roosters were still crowing (really… in Webster) Tony would conduct 45 minute PE classes with groups of up to 6 students. Carrying his golf equipment first in the back of his Jeep Liberty, he now has a nice cargo trailer for taking his program to any campus or playground.

“I have some mats I take with me and would even do it in a dadgum parking lot if someone wanted to learn”, Tony said in a recent conversation.

I also use AlmostGolf Balls so no one gets hurt and no windows get broken.

Tony has another service he is offering now in the Tampa Bay area. At HOME golf  lessons.

100% of the lessons given were extremely helpful to those students.

We address the things we do before we hit the ball.

How is the grip? Are you holding it in a way that will get you the most power – and better yet – are you gripping it in a way that will trigger your mind to tell your body to do the right things for that power?

How is your stance? Do you stand in a way that will promote the use of your greatest sources of power? Better yet, how much do you use your body in your swing?

Is your aim making your slice no matter what you do? There are certain misconceptions and hard to detect flaws in a set up that make that slice a guarantee and YOU can prevent it.

So for the introductory rate of $35 per hour and in the comfort of your back yard you can have some great information to take on your next trip to the driving range.

Fact: When we remove the ball you will give 100% of your attention to what the instructor says. What your mind understands your body will do.

Take a look at some more free tips and fun golf information at and a new website at¬†where there is a new post called “Tips from watching Phil Mickelson”.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA


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