Golf Teaching Aids for You from The Village Pro

Every year for at least the last 10 at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida I have always visited the booth at Golf Around the World and purchased at least one teaching aid to add to my arsenal as a golf teaching professional.

Golf Around the World is owned by Dr. Gary Wiren and is renowned in the golf world as one of the most recognizable and hard working teaching professionals out there.

Although he would not recognize me –  I have had the honor of meeting him several of those years. He is always dressed sharp as Walter Hagen and engaging in some deep conversation about golf learning.

It has been my respect for professionals like Gary Wiren that has led my influence regarding what comes out of my mind then my mouth when being paid to help someone improve their golf.

Through years of searching and learning new things do you look back and consider yourself an expert of sorts.

I have created an affiliate link to Golf Around the World to introduce you to a world of affordable and very affective golf teaching aids. To help me out – if you can please access their site in the future through mine we will both benefit from my recommendation. For that I thank you.

Now… on to the site.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA


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