Do You Want More Golf Knowledge?

Reading about golf can help you become a better golfer. If you read about the heroics of a great player or someone who overcame tremendous challenges to triumph – you become inspired.

If you read a golf instruction book and learn one thing that helps your game it was worth the time or expense.

Give a golf book to an avid golfer and it is guaranteed to be one of their treasures forever.

Reading keeps the mind fresh and sharp.

Where do you shop for your golf books?

Amazon has one of the largest and most comprehensive golf libraries in the world. Ever been in one of their stores? There are usually at least as many golf books as any other sport. Why? There are so many great stories to tell.

Go to my website at for easy access to Amazon and tell them The Village Pro sent you.

Also see the link to the golf instructional teaching aids used by hundreds of teaching PGA professionals in the world.

You can improve your golf without hitting one ball. Keep feeding your mind. What your mind understands your body will do.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA Professional

Tampa Bay, Florida

Home of the first AT-HOME Golf Instruction Program


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