More Power and Distance on Your Golf Drives

God must have put these lines on my hands to help me remember what a great golf grip feels like. If you want to see whether someone can play – look at the way they hold the club.

If you are looking to add more distance to your drives and feel more confident swinging any club – todays tip on your grip will make a difference in your game.

Where you place the club initially and how you take your grip from the beginning affects how you will swing. REPEAT: How you begin will determine how effective today’s tip works for you.

Relax your hands when starting and think of the difference in ‘grip’ and ‘grab’. We are going to ‘place’ the club in places in your hands which will provide support and leverage at different points in your swing.

But first you must ‘build’ the proper grip. Like a foundation for a solid structure – you can use the lines on your hands to also have a great golf grip.

First contact with hand

 Every person I have ever given a lesson to has this line on their hand. If you have a glove and would like to draw a line as a reminder it accomplishes the same as some teaching gloves I have seen – or better yet – the Bionic Glove has grooves in the fingers and a pad on the hand which really help me to feel great control.

Place the club just below this line and close the last three fingers of the left hand around the club.

Now if I extend my left arm – hinge my hand – and feel the weight of the clubhead I know it is not going anywhere.

The next lines we look for are in the fingers of the right hand. Across the two middle fingers are lines. As in the photo below I want to place the club on the large pads of my fingers and close the two middle fingers around the club.

Second contact in fingers

And after closing my fingers on the club they may appear as if they are a ‘hook’ with little of the actual palm on the club at this point.

Step Three

Next is simply making contact with the third line on our hands by placing the lifeline of the right hand on the thumb. No need to wrap my hand or turn it under. It simply fits.

Final Result

When I have my hands on the club properly for me I like to tilt my spine to the right to accommodate the fact my hands are turned to the right a little and to get my right elbow lower than the left.

The result is being able to swing as hard as I want to on my drives and most of the time finding them in the fairway.

Visit for more helpful information on making the most of your golf journey.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA


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