U.S. Open Golf is fantastic. Pebble Beach is nice in digital.

Hello golf fans,

I have been watching U.S. Open Golf coverage all day in digital on the second monitor connected to my laptop. It has marvelous eye candy to say the least. It’s easy and there is nothing to download. Just go to www.usopen.com and click on the Watch Live link. Highly recommended and thanks to the USGA.

Have you bookmarked www.villagegolfpro.com yet?

Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. is now located in Tampa, Florida and serves the general public in several ways in specialized golf-related services. Services also extended to St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Sarasota.

A summary of those services includes:

At Home Golf Lessons – golf instruction provided in your home or backyard. Great for kids.

Corporate Golf Lessons – Village Pro Golf Services will provide a golf clinic for your employees on site at your business and provide the equipment if necessary.

Corporate Golf Tournament Services – Do you have a golf tournament every year? Want to make the most of the one you have?

Visit www.villagegolfpro.com for more information.

Looking for a gift? Gift certificates available customized for that special event.

To Good Golf,

Tony Simpson, PGA


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