“I Want More Distance on My Drives”

What do you think most people say when I ask what their goals are in taking a lesson?

“I want more distance on my drives” is an obvious response, among others.

There are many factors you do not need to think of when taking a swing – but are going through the mind of a trained PGA Professional golf instructor.

Longer drives…. OK.

  • Angles of approach on down swing… inside/out…outside/in…how steep?
  • Effectiveness of grip to create leverage during swing?
  • Position of body at address – does it allow a nice turn?

There are many factors contributing to a great golf shot.

Meeting the ball squarely at impact is of major importance – otherwise a glancing blow on the clubface is a cause of significant loss in distance.

However, there is another factor maybe overlooked too often by golfers and one of the first things I will look at as an instructor – what are they swinging?

A simple exercise will provide an excellent analogy to the point of just how important this question is.

Needed: Two small plastic whiffle golf balls and a piece of string 2′ long.

Demonstration Prep: Cut one of the balls in half. Tie one piece of the half to one end of the string and to the other end tie the whole ball.

Demonstration: Start by holding the half ball piece in your hand and swinging the whole ball in a circle. Swing it fast. Slow down. Swing  fast. This is centrifugal force in action.

Next hold the whole ball in your hand and do the same thing with the half. Swing it around. Faster. Slower. Swing it!

Notice the harder you try – the more difficult it is to get power and rhythm – or create that centrifugal force.

The point is – if you can feel the end of what was on the other end of the string (i.e. the head of a golf club) your brain tells your body you do not need to work as hard to move it and your center (hand) does not move near as much.

Your body and the way you swing are a result of that instinctive movement the moment you pick up the golf club. Can you feel the head of the club?

Check the shaft of your club. If it is a ‘stiff’ or ‘firm’ shaft you had better own a pretty powerful swing. Without being able to create enough power to ‘load’ the shaft- there will be no benefit from the club you have in your hands.

Still playing with that set you used when you were 20 years younger? Purchase a club off the shelf without being fit for it maybe because you liked the look? These are common culprits.

So before you spend money on range balls or golf lessons take a look at what you have in your bag. And for goodness sakes don’t cut off a set of adult clubs for a junior golfer under 13. The same analogy applies.

The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. provides quality golf services to golfers in the Tampa Bay area including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota.

Services include HOME Golf Lessons. Never heard of that, right?

This is the deal.

The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc. representative comes to your home during scheduled hours. Group lessons are encouraged.

An introductory interview about your experience and goals will last about 15 minutes – then we will set up an area where you can take your address position and digitally photograph you from front and behind.

Taking these photos to the computer immediately we will analyze important angles and positions you instinctively establish at the beginning of your golf swing – which may or may not allow the most efficient power in the golf swing.

Those include: Spine angle, hips angle, arms angle, arms/club angle, shoulder angle, spine tilt angle … among other keen points for us golf teaching gurus.

Comparing our finds to photos, teaching aids, kinesthetic movements – we will identify specific things you can apply on your next trip to the driving range with a detailed and simple plan to follow provided by The Village Pro Golf Services, Inc..

Need help with your corporate golf event?

Want to bring golf instruction to your corporate benefits?

Need a great golf gift?

Need to buy that teaching aid to continue improving your game at home?

Visit www.villagegolfpro.com today and meet The Village Pro.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA


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