Wheelchair Golf

Too many times I have been at places where kids are golfing and we find a person in a wheelchair wishing they could play.

There is a way with a few simple adaptations to at least simulate hitting a ball with a club to a target – which is the game of golf anyway.

Depending on whether the golfer is right or left handed we would first find a suitable putter to cut off and regrip at the height which the golfer can hang their arm comfortably extended to the side and the putter touch the ground.

The concept of a wheel chair stroke is to swing the arm in a back and forward motion to the side of the chair.

Anyone can golf

The positioning of the ball is important and it is vastly important to be consisent once the ball placement is found which allows the golfer to meet the ball at the bottom of the swing arc.

Some golfers can take the putter and pull the next ball to the teeing area themselves, while others may need assistance.

Targets and holes can be created in a variety of ways at a variety of distances or challenges. The challenge for the golfer at this point is to address the ball correctly, or squarely to the target, and swing the club on a pendulum stroke at the correct speed for the distance.

Students in classes with The Village Pro Golf Services have used hoola hoops primarily as their targets and tennis balls or the larger bounce balls for $1 are good. Golf balls are a little small and since this is done at places other than golf courses normally the grass will not allow a ball to roll.

We are talking back yard or playground golf here baby. Taking golf to the streets. Just like in the video re: Special Kids Golf featured earlier in this blog. Just scroll down the page to see the video.

Special Kids Golf is just one service of The Village Pro Golf Services. Based out of Tampa, Florida we offer a wide range of golf-related services normally found exclusively at the country club. Visit www.villagegolfpro.com for more information.

Thanks for viewing The Village Pro Golf Blog. Your worldwide internet golf professional.

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA

take a kid to play

Take a kid to play golf today

Services available today in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota and even in Korea if you fly me there.


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