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British Open Golf – Oops for Calcavecchia

A major faux pas was made by a seasoned PGA Tour professional in the recent British Open – one he will not soon forget.

Calcavecchia had hit his drive on one hole in the gorse and proceeded to hit a provisional.

Thinking his original would never be found he went immediately to play the provisional which was in the fairway.

Before playing the shot one of the spectators shouted, “Hey! Here it is!”.

Without thinking twice Calc picked up the provisional ball and went over to find the ball that spectator thought was his was not at all.

Guess what happens then? He has to go back to the tee once again and put a ball into play.

Let’s count.

Lost ball on the first. Stroke and distance. Picked up the provisional. Stroke and distance again. Hitting five off the tee to finish with a 9 on the hole.

Lesson to learn? Don’t pick up your provisional until you are sure your first ball is lost or out of bounds.

Secondly, don’t pick up your ball in any case before knowing what you will do with it.

Common mistake: player hits a ball into an area marked “GUR” – or Ground Under Repair – and automatically picks the ball up looking for a place to drop. Now he MUST do something with the ball.

A player is not required to take relief from this area and MAY play the shot – if the alternative is in a possibly worse lie.

So before declaring your ball unplayable, declare it is in casual water, relief from GUR – always – check what position the ball would be in if you took relief before picking the ball up.

You learn things like this by reading golf blogs and from experience. Let’s hope you never have to learn the hard way.

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To Good Golf,

Coach Tony


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Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy touches lives through golf

Using golf to teach children life skills? How many of you are aware of Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy in Clearwater, Florida?

Did you know there is a school where children grades 4th through 8th attend the only school of its kind integrated with the county school system and a First Tee golf facility?

That means they use the game of golf and a real world business setting to take kids out of the classroom and use these valuable life experiences to integrate them back into the regular school population in high school.

Welcome to Chi Chi’s! See and learn more at

When you play a round of golf, hit a bucket of range balls or take a golf lesson it helps us make dreams come true for the kids at Chi Chi’s Academy.

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Foundation is a 501c3 organization and is supported only by generous people like you.

Play the the golf of your dreams with instruction by Tony Simpson, PGA at the Chi Chi Sports & Family Complex located across the highway from Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club.

Free golf tips and more are available at .

To Good Golf,

Coach Tony

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Lower Your Golf Score at Chi Chi’s in Clearwater, Florida

Does this challenging shot from the sand bunker intimidate you? Most amateur golfers will say yes.

There are specific techniques you can use to successfully hit this shot out of the bunker and next to the pin every time. In fact, many PGA and LPGA tour players will purposely hit into a bunker because they believe it is an easier shot to play. Imagine that.

If this shot makes you a little uncomfortable then maybe one or all of these tips can help.

1. Make sure you are using a sand wedge. The sand wedge has a flange on the bottom of the club which will cause the clubhead to literally bounce off the sand as you swing through the shot.

2. Check your stance and ball position. In the bunker it is recommended you play the shot with an open stance with the ball position slightly forward.

3. Your club never really hits the ball in a sand bunker shot. The technique is such that you hit approximately 2 inches behind the ball and allow the sand to carry the ball softly onto the green. Draw a circle around the ball and think of it as an egg – and the ball is the yolk. Hit the entire egg out – including the white.

4. The swing in a bunker shot will be long and lazy – not quick.

5. Keep the clubface perpendicular to the path during the entire follow through.

That last one make you scratch your head?

Maybe it is time to schedule a golf lesson.

You can improve your sand play and much more at our new short game practice area at Chi Chi Rodriguez Sports & Family Complex located in Clearwater, Florida.

You can find out more about improving your golf by visiting and investing in your enjoyment of the game with a few lessons.

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club is located at 3030 N. McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater, Florida. Visit the website at and learn more about this special place. Home of The First Tee of Clearwater.

The Chi Chi Sports Complex is located at 2987 N. McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater, Florida – right across the highway.

Call Tony Simpson, PGA to schedule your lesson at 727-216-6389 or email at

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Golf Lessons in Clearwater, Florida at Chi Chi’s

Do you live in Clearwater or Tampa and wish to improve your golf experience?

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club welcomes its newest instructor to the team – Tony Simpson, PGA professional.

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club & Family Sports Complex is home of The First Tee of Clearwater along with a very special school for some really special kids. A visit to will provide a great overview of what a special place this is.

Contact Tony by sending an email to to schedule a lesson and begin your game improvement plan.

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Can’t wait to wake up early and watch the British Open Golf coverage

8 days. 15 hours. 15 minutes.

That is what the countdown clock reads at this post on the website for the British Open golf tournament.

July 11-18 sees the return of the British Open to the home of golf – St. Andrews. That makes it even better.

Catch up early on the history and lore of Open Golf at the website. Called just “The Open” – its fans are known to be as knowledgable as any in the world. Its website is comparable in class.

See how many of your ancestors may have been competitors in the early days of the event. See what it took to win one of the early Opens. See how long ago they were playing this same championship – known as the oldest in golf.

British golf is different than American golf and requires different shots and another level of creativity to be successful. Knowledge of the course and how to deal with weather changes and extremes will, no doubt, be an advantage.

Who can forget last year’s duel to a gripping end with Stewart Cink emerging as Open winner in a play-off over Tom Watson. Thinking of that just makes the anticipation of this year’s tournament even greater.

Check out to meet the Village Pro and enjoy The Open this year. Then see how long until The Open starts for you at .

To Good Golf,

Tony Simpson, PGA

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History of Golf Green Speed Dates to Early 1900’s

We golfers in America are sometimes spoiled by the perfect conditions on our putting surfaces, or greens.

At the very least our expectations are for a perfect roll, and anything else certainly can be blamed on that bump or spike mark in our line.

Going back only to the 1960’s turf was cut at heights of one quarter inch on the professional tour – as compared to half that on today’s regular courses.

An interesting tidbit of golf history has to do with an invention in the early 1900’s that was intended to create more fairness in the game of golf. A man named Edward Stimpson developed the device intended to compare greens on the same course, as opposed to other courses. Specifically, the goal was to have all greens on a particular course all the same speed.

For very interesting and in-depth information on this device click here

So when you hear the television commentator refer to the speed of a green, you’ll know they are talking about a ‘Stimpmeter’.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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