Lower Your Golf Score at Chi Chi’s in Clearwater, Florida

Does this challenging shot from the sand bunker intimidate you? Most amateur golfers will say yes.

There are specific techniques you can use to successfully hit this shot out of the bunker and next to the pin every time. In fact, many PGA and LPGA tour players will purposely hit into a bunker because they believe it is an easier shot to play. Imagine that.

If this shot makes you a little uncomfortable then maybe one or all of these tips can help.

1. Make sure you are using a sand wedge. The sand wedge has a flange on the bottom of the club which will cause the clubhead to literally bounce off the sand as you swing through the shot.

2. Check your stance and ball position. In the bunker it is recommended you play the shot with an open stance with the ball position slightly forward.

3. Your club never really hits the ball in a sand bunker shot. The technique is such that you hit approximately 2 inches behind the ball and allow the sand to carry the ball softly onto the green. Draw a circle around the ball and think of it as an egg – and the ball is the yolk. Hit the entire egg out – including the white.

4. The swing in a bunker shot will be long and lazy – not quick.

5. Keep the clubface perpendicular to the path during the entire follow through.

That last one make you scratch your head?

Maybe it is time to schedule a golf lesson.

You can improve your sand play and much more at our new short game practice area at Chi Chi Rodriguez Sports & Family Complex located in Clearwater, Florida.

You can find out more about improving your golf by visiting www.villagegolfpro.com and investing in your enjoyment of the game with a few lessons.

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club is located at 3030 N. McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater, Florida. Visit the website at www.chichi.org and learn more about this special place. Home of The First Tee of Clearwater.

The Chi Chi Sports Complex is located at 2987 N. McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater, Florida – right across the highway.

Call Tony Simpson, PGA to schedule your lesson at 727-216-6389 or email at villagepro@pga.com


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