Why is GOLF so hard?

Ask any professional golf tour player and you’ll be told that MAYBE during a round they will hit 10% or less of their shots (excluding putts) they way they would call perfect. Playing good golf is not playing perfect golf by any means.

If you are able to accept this then you are one step ahead of thousands of golfers who take up the game every year and quit because the perfect shot was so evasive.

A recent quote from Outside Magazine stated: “Let’s start with the most common criticism: Golf is not a real sport. Wrong. It might be the most technically demanding game in the world. This is why so many top athletes – from Michael Jordan to Wayne Gretzky -have failed in their bids to play at a professional level after dominating their own sports.”

So why does it have to be so hard?

Take a look at the ups and downs of those PGA and LPGA Tour players. Every week there will be some at the top of the leaderboard – and some at the bottom. Almost every week you’ll see professional golfers shooting scores in the high 70’s and even in the 80’s.

It is hard for everyone. Unless you are tour professional why are you expecting to play perfect golf? … and even if you are why would you?

The TBT (Tampa Bay Times) recently had an article written about the fiasco ruling in the recent PGA Championship that caused so much controversy (of which there have been plenty of opinions prompting this blogger’s to be reserved).

Quote: “There’s no mystery why so few people take up golf, or why so many of them quit. It’s the hardest game there is to play, and that is just for those of us who play it recreationally.”

So why would someone want to play a game that is so difficult?

1. Golf is cool 2. Golf is a great way to spend time with friends or family 3. Golf is outdoors and in nature

How about golf is a game that can be enjoyed at most any age or ability – and you can play it nearly until the day you go to heaven?

That is – as long as you don’t expect to play with perfection.

Golf is about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible – but it is also one of the few games which has a system to equalize players across the board and millions of hackers spend millions of dollars every year to prove it.

So whatever your level of play – it is OK. But you can get better and hit more of those shots closer to perfect.


Many times just through playing with equipment that is fit for you. If you are swinging something that has the flex of a pine tree and your swing speed is 75 mph there is one obvious reason.

The other is in the technique you use. One small adjustment can sometimes mean a perfectly (did I say perfect?) played shot or one that you will be looking for as long as the rules allow.

Why do you think most all of those tour professionals have a swing coach? Because it is the thing to do if you want to play to your potential for one. Unless you are really good at video, know your swing tendencies or have a large mirror to carry around it is impossible to see how your fundamentals could be that fraction off.

If you live in the Tampa, Florida region you are in luck because YOUR coach can be within an hour’s drive. Some of the tour golf coaches live across the country – so that’s really not so bad.

Transform traditional golf lessons into having your own golf coach. You are guaranteed to take your game to the next level (or at least find out if there is one) and learn to play the golf you dreamed about.

Click here to find out more about Tony Simpson, PGA Golf Coach at Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club in Clearwater, Florida.


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