How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Drives?

Just what is your expectation for the length of your tee shots?

Do you swing harder on your drives thinking it will make the your drives longer?

That is the last thing you want to do. Unless you are doing a lot of the right things – swinging harder is not the answer.

Sometimes knowing what you should be doing according to the statistics from a lot of research will help. Based on these totals published in the August issue of GOLF Magazine where do you fall?

0-5 Handicap – 237.3 yards

5-15 Handicap – 218.4 yards

15-25 Handicap – 175.4 yards

TOUR AVERAGE – 278.2 yards

So you think your average is higher? The next question is: What percentage of those drives exceeding these averages are in the fairway?

If you are not playing the golf you believe you could visit where you can meet Tony Simpson, PGA Instructor at Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida.

Coach Tony will help you find more fairways and seek the ways that help you play the golf of your dreams.


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