Use A Big Ball To Improve Your Golf

The bigger the ball – the easier it is to hit.

That’s why I bought a large bouncey ball along with my one year old son’s first set of golf clubs. When the day comes he stands up to his first golf shot it is guaranteed to be a good one – long and straight.

Why is this? Try it and you will see. The bigger the target – the more you are likely to hit the object with a square clubface, an extended left arm (for a rightie) and the head behind the ball.

So by practicing the swing with a large object as your target you are likely to develop a feel for that good solid contact.

You can also use the ball to practice your big muscle move in the golf swing. By eliminating your hands from the equation you are more likely to use the bigger muscles to move the ball and it is also much easier to keep that ball in front of your body back and through.

Start by holding the ball with extended arms in front of you. Then turn as if you are making a backswing – but keep the ball in front of your chest. If you roll the ball over or move it behind you this could be an indication of some flaw in your golf swing.

Once you reach the top of your swing and have kept the ball in front of you – the move downward toward the ball will feel much more powerful as you will most likely use those same big muscles to turn back towards your target.

And lastly – hold the golf club as you would the ball. Most likely your hands are on top of the ball or on the sides. If either of your hands are turned upwards it is probably because you are holding the club too much in your palms instead of in your fingers.

See the August issue of GOLF Magazine (page 60) for a great illustration of this same idea.

Improving your golf most of the time takes place when you are at home with no golf ball to hit in front of you. Remove the ball and you remove the instincts that override your ability to make changes to your swing.

What your mind understands your body will do.

Coach Tony Simpson, PGA is a teaching golf professional at Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida. Visit his website at for more helpful information.

See your local PGA Professional for improvement on your game.


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