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One Plane vs. Two Plane Golf Swing

What has become apparent to me is that when I am using even my hybrid 3 iron to a short pitch with my sand wedge to a green the swing I feel best with is what I would consider a one plane swing.

This means  the natural turning of my shoulders and the hips are what controls the motion of that club. Because I am looking for accuracy with these clubs, rather than distance as my priority , I am comfortable with the shorter feeling swing.

If you look at a classic one plane swing such as Moe Norman you will see at the top of the swing how low or behind him his hands are. This will be with little vertical movement of the hands and club.

In a swing where accuracy is more important it makes sense to produce a swing where the club does not leave the original plane – or at least very little.

On the other hand, when swinging a driver I notice my hands are much higher and farther away from my body at the top. This would cause the plane of the club to change making it what I would then consider two plane.

In either case, my irons feel like shooting darts at a bulls eye and I can swing as hard as I want on my driver. Both feel great in my hands.

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