Tips for New Golfers

If you are new to the game there are many exciting things about it. There are also some intimidating moments if one is not totally aware of what to expect. Being knowledgeable about the rules, etiquette and common behaviors will help everyone on the course have a great experience.

To learn any game, ESPECIALLY golf, it is OK to first put aside the official rules of the game to learn some of the important ways to keep yourself in position on the course. As long as you are not in a competitive event we encourage you follow these suggestions, or unofficial rules. They will help you to gain more confidence by keeping up with the pace of play while improving your golf game.

Heard of the new PGA Tee It Forward? Like the suggestions? These tips were written just for you.

#1: When you first learn to play and go on the golf course, you get more than one swing at the ball without counting if you miss. Limit this to three tries and then you should move the ball to where you should be on the course. This could mean picking it up and going to the green to get some practice on your putting.

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon.

Tony Simpson, PGA


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