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Tips for New Golfers

If you are new to the game there are many exciting things about it. There are also some intimidating moments if one is not totally aware of what to expect. Being knowledgeable about the rules, etiquette and common behaviors will help everyone on the course have a great experience.

To learn any game, ESPECIALLY golf, it is OK to first put aside the official rules of the game to learn some of the important ways to keep yourself in position on the course. As long as you are not in a competitive event we encourage you follow these suggestions, or unofficial rules. They will help you to gain more confidence by keeping up with the pace of play while improving your golf game.

Heard of the new PGA Tee It Forward? Like the suggestions? These tips were written just for you.

#1: When you first learn to play and go on the golf course, you get more than one swing at the ball without counting if you miss. Limit this to three tries and then you should move the ball to where you should be on the course. This could mean picking it up and going to the green to get some practice on your putting.

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon.

Tony Simpson, PGA


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Tampa Golf Gift Holiday Special

Holiday Gift Certificate Special at Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida

Do you love to play golf and live in the Tampa region? It is worth a drive to visit the newly remodeled Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater.

The short game area is ‘Augusta-nice’. The lesson tees are grass or in the shade. The putting green rolls as good as they come and is in excellent condition.

The 4-Week Golf Improvement Program offers a student one lesson per week (valued at $50 ea), a membership to the Range Club receiving 50% savings on large buckets ($5 value) and a FREE greens fee with each lesson to play golf at Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club across McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater.

This program is normally sold for $175 and is being offered for a Holiday Special at $150.

There are a limited number available. Click on the link above for contact information. Local to Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg.

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Incentives for Golf Improvement at Chi Chi’s in Clearwater, Florida

A new program has been presented at Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida.

Improve your golf game at Chi Chi Sports Complex

Take lessons at Chi Chi Sports Complex and receive FREE greens fees and 50% discount on large buckets of balls.

With our 4 or 6 Week Golf Improvement Program participants can purchase a large bucket of range balls for $5.00. That is a 50% savings!

In addition, participants receive a FREE greens fee with a golf cart rental at Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club right across the street.

Talk about value for your golf improvement dollars!

Contact Coach Tony for scheduling information by visiting here.

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PGA of America Championship & Donald Ross & Dunedin

The PGA Championship was born in the mind of department store owner Rodman Wanamaker, who saw the merchandising possibilities in a professional golfers’ organization.

Wanamaker invited some prominent golfers and other leading industry representatives to a luncheon at the Taplow Club in New York City.

On Jan. 17, 1916, a group of 35 individuals, including the legendary Walter Hagen, convened for an exploratory meeting, which resulted in the formation of The PGA of America.

Home of the PGA of America in the early days was Dunedin Country Club in Dunedin, Florida

Quote from website: With the inception at the hands of golf course architect nonpareil Donald Ross himself…to the Home of the PGA of America in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s…to today, Dunedin Golf Club has seen its share of golf history and hosted a veritable “Who’s Who” of American golfers.

It’s considered a badge of honor to Dunedin regulars that Ross designed their course.  In fact, it’s that way at most of the more than 300 courses Ross laid out in the United States from the time he came here from Scotland in the late 1800’s until his death in 1948.  Ross designed many courses in North Carolina but he found time to branch out.  A natural destination was Florida, where less than 20 of his designs are still in operation

LIVE SCORING for the PGA Championship and lots more about this tournament and the Professional Golfer’s Association of America is at

Experience the excitement of discovery in your golf game with Tony Simpson, PGA at Chi Chi Sports Complex in sunny Clearwater, Florida. Visit to learn more.

Learn how your patronage for golf rounds, range balls and golf lessons all help Chi Chi’s Kids at

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Want to experience the excitement of discovery in your golf?

Discovery happens at every age and expertise level. My little man discovered the beach in Clearwater for the first time last weekend. Think he is excited?
Just imagine how excited  you could be to finally master that perfect swing! 
Visit Tony Simpson, PGA at his new home for teaching golf  – Chi Chi Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida.

Luke's first trip to the beach where daddy went as a kid in Clearwater

To learn more or to schedule a golf lesson visit 

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Can’t wait to wake up early and watch the British Open Golf coverage

8 days. 15 hours. 15 minutes.

That is what the countdown clock reads at this post on the website for the British Open golf tournament.

July 11-18 sees the return of the British Open to the home of golf – St. Andrews. That makes it even better.

Catch up early on the history and lore of Open Golf at the website. Called just “The Open” – its fans are known to be as knowledgable as any in the world. Its website is comparable in class.

See how many of your ancestors may have been competitors in the early days of the event. See what it took to win one of the early Opens. See how long ago they were playing this same championship – known as the oldest in golf.

British golf is different than American golf and requires different shots and another level of creativity to be successful. Knowledge of the course and how to deal with weather changes and extremes will, no doubt, be an advantage.

Who can forget last year’s duel to a gripping end with Stewart Cink emerging as Open winner in a play-off over Tom Watson. Thinking of that just makes the anticipation of this year’s tournament even greater.

Check out to meet the Village Pro and enjoy The Open this year. Then see how long until The Open starts for you at .

To Good Golf,

Tony Simpson, PGA

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The Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida

“Golf is usually played with the outward appearance of great dignity. It is, nevertheless, a game of considerable passion – either of the explosive type, or that which burns inwardly and sears the soul.” – Bobby Jones

There are those who play the game of golf. Then there are those who love the game. A trip to the Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida on my 40th birthday confirmed the latter.

Anyone who has not been to the attraction doesn’t know the tingling feeling that comes with reading the above quote and knowing, personally, that passion for the game that has given so much to so many lives.

A trip to the museum in St. Augustine is well worth the trip. Visitors not only learn about the triumphs and struggles of great golfers we have come to know, but get a real feeling of the rich history and tradition of golf while viewing artifacts, memorabilia and equipment from more than 200 years ago.

Learn about Nancy Lopez and her Barbie dolls. Or see the red, white and blue driver used by Bing Crosby. Even the lunch box that Sam Snead carried to grade school can be pondered.

Of course, there are many more exhibits that cannot be described in this space. Just like my first time to Augusta, though. As I walked around in total awe, I wondered to myself…”What took me so long to get here?”.

Tony Simpson, PGA is The Village Pro Golf Services located in Tampa, Florida offering unique and private golf instruction, tournament services and FREE golf advice. Check him out at today for more information and to set up a free consultation in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton & Sarasota.

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